You haven’t met your ex boyfriend since the break up and he finally asked you to meet or accept your invitation for coffee. By now, you need to be more calm and ready to face your ex boyfriend properly. You are excited however you are wondering exactly what should you do and get back together. Calm down and read this article in order to prevent vital mistakes and discover the best ways to get your ex boyfriend back.

If you are not feeling comfortable and sure that you can act according to plan, it’s much better to delay it. Tell him that something came up and you cannot meet at this point but arrange another one. It’s essential to be able to act cool in order to have a great time without battles, tears or any unfavorable outcome. This is your first contact after the break up and your first chance to give an excellent impression to your ex boyfriend.So, you don’t want to break down in front of him and show him that you are desperate to get back together.

The first few moments it will be uncomfortable.The last time you met things were different. You were still a couple and it’s possible that you were fighting and said things just to harm each other feelings. You don’t want to have a stressful meeting and moments of silence so, you need to smile and come up with a funny story to tell him in order to make him feel less uncomfortable.

Try to manage your excitement. Of course you are delighted but don’t show too much excitement! Don’t even consider telling him that you have missed him! This is not the answer no how to get your ex back!

You have to make your ex-boyfriend desiring even more!Say that you have to wake up early or that plans with your friends and keep this first meeting short. Trust me, if this goes well, you will have many more meetings to look forward to.

Don’t discuss your break up if he doesn’t bring it up. Even if he does, it’s better to say that it’s not the right time and that you just want to have fun! Your goal for this meeting is to remind your ex that you can have a good time together, you are funny and a person that he can talk with!

Finally, your look matters! Choose a dress that makes you feel positive and comfortable. Make your ex boyfriend keep in mind how you used to be and how stunning he thought you were on your first date. Keep it casual, though! You don’t want him to think that you put too much effort to look nice!

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