If you’re looking for advice with regard to relationship issues, a psychic can help you sort things out, and bring back that romantic spark. Here are some helpful tips on how to attract the right lover, and this advice comes from top-notch psychics who are experts in dealing with marriage and romance issues.

Are You Attracting The Same Type of Person?

If you’re attracting the same type of person, the one who often takes a lot, but gives little, is all talk but no action, then you need to do a lot of soul-searching. According to psychics, you need to first look inward, and see what factors are inside you that’s attracting the same type of person. One of the first steps towards attracting the lover you truly want, is bay making a list. List down the characteristics and qualities you desire in a person. It could be anything from honesty, loyalty, consistency and so forth. This should be a list of qualities that you truly wish to see in a partner, and not a list of the physical attributes you desire.

Emit Positive Vibrations

All of us emit some form of energy, which serves as our emotional and psychic broadcast. If we continually get bitter, and we emit negativity, desperation and other sour attitudes, we will surely drive others away, and that may include your potential life partner. You should always make it a point to emit positive and happy vibrations, so that we will be able to attract the right persons. Second, you also must believe, affirm and see this person coming to you. Do not dwell on how, where and when you’ll meet this person, because the universe decides when, where and how you’ll meet the right one. Make sure you constantly affirm this thought, so that the right one will come your way soon.

See Yourself With The one You Love

When you constantly think of being unlucky, or frustrated with love, it will certainly become a powerful feeling that will always dwell with you. Remember that thoughts become feelings, therefore you need to counter any negative energies with a dose of hope, affirmation and positivity. Make it a habit to see yourself with the person you truly love, and start feeling the way you would, as if you were already with him or her. Always make it a habit to allow these feelings to dwell in your mind, and also ensure that you repeat your affirmations each day.

According to psychics, getting the right lover, and finding the right relationship depends on what happens deep inside our consciousness. If you feel that your relationships are solely dependent on others, the truth is that the outcome all depends on what you attract, and allow to enter your life. If you live in a state of despair everyday, you’ll attract nothing but the worst types of individuals. Constantly affirm that you’ve already found the right one.

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