That’s right, if you need to get a man back then one of the first things you need to figure out is why men leave. If a man has been in a lasting relationship with a girl, why on earth would he give up her? Any ideas on why he would call it quits?

Boyfriends aims to please their girlfriends

If he feels he’s not successful in pleasing her or doesn’t feel great about himself when he’s with her then he will not be too comfortable talking about it. He’ll look at it as failure in his part and he would want to leave because he senses that he’s done all he can. He can’t stop believing that he’s been unsuccessful and at the same time, he’s likely to believe he doesn’t deserve someone like her.

At the beginning of the romance, men are more than willing to end up making his girlfriend pleased and this is what women need to figure out. When some thing goes wrong then he’s most likely to see that pleasing her continuously is just not possible. If this keeps going for some time then yes, he may feel the impulse to break up. He and she will feel unsure because they haven’t got an idea of what’s happening with them. They will begin to criticize each other, give in to fear, pull away rather than work things out, he’ll think that it’s a hopeless case while she gets unsafe in the relationship.

To him it’s a concern, to her it isn’t

It’s likely that he’s striving to be realistic and realistic while he felt that the relationship isn’t going anywhere. Despite the fact that he would strive to mend things and not give up easily, the relationship becomes a concern for him as time passes by and he’s likely to take into account that this isn’t where he belongs.

However, she doesn’t view it that way. Right now she can’t work through the very idea of being with this particular man. She’s unaware to the hints that means something in the relationship are not right and continues on thinking nothing is wrong. In that time, he’s convinced you’re the ideal one for him because he doesn’t find anyone who can replace you or see himself with someone else. Your relationship is not centered on love but, it’s dependant upon the fact that you’re familiar with each other. The reason he hasn’t left you is because he’s accustomed to the relationship however it won’t be enough in the long run. The girl he’s with doesn’t have what he’s searching for, so he leaves until the one comes his way.

He’s plain bored

Through the early stages of the relationship, it’s like things can’t fail. You’re thinking about each other and you have this “cloud nine” feeling happening. But in time, charm can fade. He has spent time with you for a while and so he’s not really that head over heels about you any longer. The fact is that it’s not unlikely for a dude to become tired of a relationship.

These are hurtful truths that you’re going to need to acknowledge if you intend to get a boyfriend back. A few of the reasons why men leave is that they don’t feel like you’re the one, or they’re sick and tired of the relationship, or they can’t make you happy and think that they’re a frustration.

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